Friday, June 19, 2015

A Simple DIY Father's Day Footprint Gift

Father's Day is coming up! If you're stumped for ideas, you can try this simple DIY Father's Day footprint craft. I love footprint gifts because you can involve kids of all ages (even babies) in the craft-making process. 

To make this DIY Father's Day Footprint gift, you'll want to put some washable paint on a paper plate.  Next, have your children put their feet in the paint. 

After that, have each of your kids place their feet on a separate piece of paper. Their feet should be placed on the paper in a V so that it forms a heart.

Cut out your 'feet' hearts and write the year on the footprint in the middle of the heart.

'feet hearts' on one piece of paper or you can put each footheart on a separate piece of paper. 

At the bottom or top of the paper write, “You’ve captured our hearts, Dad!” Or, for one child, you can write, "Dad you've captured my heart."  

Happy Father's Day!