Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heart Shaped Crafts for Valentine's Day

The last time I was as at the craft store, I was admiring all the pretty pink and red paper. They screamed take me I did.  In fact, I almost picked up an entire booklet of scrapbooking paper but was able to restrain myself and, for less than two dollars, I took home a few glittery, gingham and brightly hued papers. They were all perfect for Valentine’s Day crafts.  Once at home, we decided to make some heart-shaped crafts for Valentine’s Day. Here are some of my favorites.  

Mixed Media Heart Flowers
I took three different pink papers.  One was a thick, glittery pink.  Another was a bright, almost fuschia color and the final one was white and pink gingham. First, I cut out a template heart (or you can use a die cut or paper punch).  Then, I used my template to make three hearts in each color. Next, I took a paper plate and cut out a square from it. In an alternating pattern in a flower shape, I took my hearts and glued them into the center of the paper plate square.  Finally, I took a white pipe cleaner and taped it onto the back of the paper square.  I allowed it to dry. These mixed, media heart flowers are cute for bulletin boards or to decorate a child’s room.  

Heart People
These are fun for kids to make. First, pick out a piece of sturdy paper to make your heart. Fold the paper in half so both sides are symmetrical (or use a heart paper punch).  Then, give your child wiggly eyes, markers, paint and buttons to make a face. Then, take some strips of construction paper and fold it “accordion style” for legs and arms. You can also use pipe cleaners for limbs.  Use smaller hearts for hands and feet.

Heart Bookmarks

Take two different colors (preferably white, pink, red or metallic shades) and cut each into identical rectangles.  Next, using one of the papers, take a small heart paper punch and make two hearts: one at the top and one at the bottom. Glue the punched out paper onto the second solid paper. Finally, take your punched out hearts and glue onto the empty spaces on the bookmark.  

These heart shaped crafts are a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charming Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

DIY Valentine’s Day cards are a lot of fun for the entire family. Giving a homemade valentine shows your recipient that you put a lot of time and effort into your cards. This Valentine's Day have a card-making party with friends and family. Here are some charming handmade valentine cards to get you started.

Love Birds

To make this handmade Valentine's Day card, I used one piece of black construction paper and two colorful papers. First, I traced a simple bird onto one piece of the pink paper. Then, I placed the paper over a second gingham paper and cut both out, so they were the same.  Next I cut out two hearts. I gave the birds eyes and mouths.  Finally, I glued the birds on the card and put the two hearts above them.  Inside I wrote,  You’re my Lovebird in a white crayon.

Sequin Hearts

For this Valentine’s Day card, I took a purple piece of paper and cut it into a square. Then, I took some multi-colored sequins and glued it onto the paper.  First I completed the outline of the heart.  Then, I filled in the heart with sequins. An idea for an inside message is: Your love shines. For the kids, I make a heart outline for them in glue and then they were easily able to glue on the sequins and then fill in the center.

Warm and Fuzzy
For this card, I took a red pipe cleaner and bent it into a heart shape. Then, I put some clear glue onto the back and pressed to onto a piece of construction paper. I put a book on top of the card to make sure the pipe cleaner stayed put. Inside I wrote, You make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Eyes on You

To make this funny handmade valentine, I took a small piece of construction paper and cut it into a square. Next, I took different sizes of wiggly eyes with adhesive and placed them all over the card.  Inside I wrote, I’ve got my eyes on you. This card is a really easy one for kids.
Your special someone will appreciate these handmade valentine cards.

Do you make or buy most of your Valentine's Day Cards?