Thursday, April 9, 2015

Flower Crafts for Kids

With my garden blooming, my kids are often picking roses and digging in the dirt. It’s great fun. However, when it’s really hot or I don’t feel like getting mud tracked into my house, I encourage my children to do a flower craft instead. Here are three easy flower crafts for kids!

Paper Plate Flowers

All kids need to make this craft is two paper plates, a paintbrush, glue, scissors and water paints. First have kids use one color to paint one plate (plate #1) one solid color. Next, take the second plate (plate #2) and have them use a different color for the petals and another one for the center of the flower. Take the  plate #2 and cut petals out so that the edges are slightly smaller than plate #1. Glue plate #2 on top of plate #1.  If desired, make a stem with some green construction paper and glue it on the back of plate #1.

Pom Pom Flowers

For this craft, children will need several different colors of pom poms, construction paper and glue. Have children glue their pom poms in a circular pattern. You can have them use a different color for the center. Afterwards, kids can use a metallic marker to draw our stems.  Allow the flowers to dry completely before hanging or moving around.

Pastel Flowers

I like working with oil pastels because they blend opposed to crayons. However, remember that these may stain clothing so make sure to have kids wear a smock and cover the craft surface with a plastic tablecloth. I also keep baby wipes nearby so they don’t get the pastels all over their hands.  For this art project, kids will need construction paper and a set of oil pastels. Children can draw several different types of flowers on their paper.  Encourage kids to blend different colors together to achieve unique shades.  

I hope these flower crafts for kids brightens everyone’s day!